Cloud based hosting

The power of n-machines at your fingertips. Never worry about limited resources again. Just write code, deploy and let us take care of the rest.

Everything redundant

Every single bit of information is replicated to multiple machines. In the case of a hardware failure nothing is lost and recovery happens automatically.

Smart routing

Multiple routing paths guarantee optimum speed for delivering dynamic and static content. Just enable caching and you will not even have to fear being slashdotted.

Your track to success

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Use all the tools and libraries you learned to love. There is no need to use special APIs in order to benefit from our clustered services.


  • Cloud computing without the fog. We offer cloud computing without headaches. Develop, deploy, enjoy! Start small and grow with your userbase.
  • We eat our own dog food. We are programmers ourselves and need a system that makes things simple. Our services are tuned to make your life as a developer easier.


PYROX™ was founded 2008 as a joint venture between Terreon and Feurix. Since then the company has grown constantly and improved its hosting service in many different ways.

Starting with 2012, PYROX™ is now a service of Terreon.