Email client configuration

In order to configure your email client (e.g. Mozilla Thundebird, Outlook, Mail,...) for the use of the PYROX mail servers, you need to decide wether you want to keep the mails on the server or delete them during retrieval.

Retrieval via IMAP
All email messages remain on the server and can be accessed with other email clients later. This makes sense if you want to use your email account from more than one computer.
Abruf per POP3
Email messages are downloaded and deleted on the serverside. It is possible to keep the mails on your server, but this is highly inefficient as the POP3 protocol is not designed for this.

The addresses of the email servers

IMAP Server
POP3 Server
SMTP Server

The user name is your email address.


John Doe did create the email address and wants to read his emails on his office computer and smartphone at the same time. Therefore he decides to use IMAP and uses the following settings in his email client:

User name
Server name (IMAP)
Outgoing server (SMTP)